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Life presents itself and everyone makes choices along the way. For me, art is the same. My imagination presents a vision and I work to achieve its shape and its feeling. The inspiration of a sparkle, the depth of a color, the image of a cloud, the smile of a child: all these unleash a torrent of connection, infusing my will to take action and shape the peaks and valleys of my personal expression. Just like love, each piece has a season as it calls for revelation. It is a trial and an error process, where permission to fumble and work in the dark are indispensable. For my art is a passage of the soul, reflected in its making. My process is not about perfection; it is about risk and alteration. It is about facing my vision with the material available at hand~creating it, erasing it, painting over it, crashing it, recycling it, writing it over again and again until peace or exhaustion allows me to sleep and wake up with my new Art Child.